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Stephen has several areas of interest he has pursued with post graduate training to assist his clients.


The field of nutrition science is always changing and finding the right information can often be confusing so finding someone that is up to date with the latest evidence and can translate it to everyday plain language can really help.

Weight loss surgery it's certainly not for everyone, but for some people it can be life changing. It's not the quick fix that some think, it takes a lot of preparation, commitment and long term follow up after surgery. People still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise but nutrition also needs to be tailored to suit individual needs. Stephen works with many people that are contemplating or have already had surgery and is aware of the local surgeons' requirements. 

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Renal nutrition for all stages of kidney disease

Nutrition for people with chronic kidney disease can be particularly challenging especially if the disease has progressed. Some people need to monitor their intake of  food with potassium or phosphate and sometimes both. Fluid and salt restrictions are common also, a tailored diet to suit your specific needs is difficult to navigate without guidance and Stephen is able to provide you simple easy to follow advice.