Mmmm Comfort Food

It's getting to that time of year where we like to hunker down by the fire and get a good dose of our favourite comfort food. Comfort food doesn't have to mean calorie laden though, it can also be healthy. Try out my recipe for lamb shanks, you still get the comfort food but without the guilt. Slow cooked lamb shanks with winter vegetables and mash Serves 2 Ingredients 2 forequarter lamb shanks 2 sprigs each of thyme & rosemary 1 Bay leaf 2 cloves garlic Chicken stock 4 small tomatoes 2 small sliced carrots 2 small wedges each of sweet potato and pumpkin 2 sliced swiss brown mushrooms 1/4 cup of peas 2 tblsp of red split lentils salt & pepper Splash of red wine Plain flour Canola oil 2 serve

Tasmanian Salmon, the new superfood?

Superfood, well it's been around for a fair while now, so it's probably not new! Atlantic salmon or Tasmanian salmon as we like to call it here in Tassie is a great addition to your diet. Salmon is low in saturated fat and packed full of those omega 3s which really help to reduce inflammation. Omega 3s are pretty versatile, they help to protect against cardiovascular disease and relieve symptoms of arthritis and even reduce the risk of cancer. This recipe is for Grilled Tasmanian salmon and Mediterranean vegetables, spiced cous cous with a pomegranate dressing, and serves 2. Ingredients 2 small pieces of salmon around 140g each 4 spring onions 2 slices of zucchini 2 slices of eggplant 100g w

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